5 Elegant Black Cursors for Windows

Are you bored with your default aero mouse cursors in your windows desktop? then check this 5 elegant black cursors…

This elegant black cursors are a must have for a windows desktop user and I know you will surely like this collection, so choose one of your desire, or download them all.

(Note: To download the cursors just click the image)

Adwaita Cursors by CoDZoYeR

Download Adwaita Cursors

Extenza PRO Cursor Pack by eFOX-hun

Download Extenza Pro Cursor Pack


Moonshile v3 by VovanR

Download Moonshine v3 Cursor Pack


Obsidian Cursor Pack v1.0 by teft

Download Obsidian Cursor Pack


Eclair Cursors Pack by MagnumHearted

Download Eclair Cursor Pack